Open Door Data Services

We turn data volumes of relevant data points about your next potential locations into an actionable information-driven roadmap that will lead to your success.

Retail Site Selection

Put our powerful analytics consultancy to work identifying opportunities and avoiding pitfalls. OpenDoorData’s Site Selection process integrates an array of datasets and demographics to reveal business location prospects and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Audience Definition

We utilize your existing customer base to identify prospects and growth opportunities. By developing personas, we help you galvanize your messaging, eliminating unproductive marketing and turbo-charging your ROI.

Retail Gap Analysis

We can help you determine the gap between demand and supply for your industry sector, informing your go/no-go decision. Or, if you already have an existing development, we can use data to help you determine what type of retailer you should attract to fill your vacancies.

Retail Void Analysis

Creating that environment requires a deep understanding of what type of services and retail operations are in demand in your location. That’s where Retail Void Analysis comes in.

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